Ship Agency

Bhacker Haji Abdullatiff Fazul Co LLC represents some of the leading shipping lines in Oman. As agents for regular container shipping lines, we move beyond port operations and serve the commercials needs of Exporters and Importers in the Sultanate of Oman. Our state of the art infrastructure and facilities help provide world class services to our clients. On behalf of our Principals we negotiate rates with customers, notify customers of arrivals, book cargo and promote the business of the shipping lines. We serve the containerized trade in Oman for Europe and Mediterranian ports, Far East, Latin America, North America and Australasia. Our complete knowledge of the local and regional markets ensures near complete dominance in trade to and from the above mentioned sectors. Our strong Office Infrastructure and professional manpower ensures compliance to quality standards.

Container Liner Services

We offer Container service to the local trade from & to Europe, USA, FarEast, Australia/NewZealand, South-East Asia, MiddleEast, South America and Africa through our following Principals:


Break-Bulk Services

Our Operations staff are widely experienced/skilled to supervise/account for Break Bulk operations of any type. Presently we offer Break Bulk Services through our following Principals:

Cruise Services

We possess more than 3 decades of experience in Handling all types of Cruise Vessels, and providing Ship Chandling services, organizing shuttle services and tours, offering medical/logistics assistance, etc. We choose the most reliable suppliers based on their past track record & ability to offer quality services to our principals.Presently we offer Cruise Services through our following Principal:


RO RO Services

We possess more than 3 decades of experience in providing RORO services. Our Operations/Tally staff possess skill and expertise in effective Supervision/Tally of Vehicles Discharged/Loaded, We at Bhacker have an exclusive office inside the premises of Port Sultan Qaboos to service round the clock.

Presently we are providing RORO services through our following Principal:
Ro Ro

Naval Ships

NavyWe provide husbanding services to Navy vessels during their calls at various ports in Oman. The services provided include but are not limited to agency services, bunkering, supplies, medical services, shuttle services and tours, car rentals, and crew change.


Projects Handling

Handling project cargo requires relevant experience, equipment & manpower. We have expertise in handling all types of project cargo. We are well equipped with efficient and effective infrastructure facilities to handle all types of project cargoes in Muscat. We have experienced and specialized personnel for project cargo logistics and have access to the full range of material handling equipment such as cranes, lighters, heavy lift trucks for sea and overland operations. We deliver on our promises with day-to-day activities that represent value for money, quality, continuity, innovation and maximum reach, offering services that seamlessly combine our expertise and experience in the shipping, logistics and marine fields.

Husbandry Services

We provide professional Husbandry Services at all Ports in Oman. Our services include:

Dry Dock Services

With the regular Dry Docking of our Principals Vessel’s we have gained the expertise/experience in providing all kinds of support to Vessels Dry Docking at Oman Dry Dock at Duqm which is located around 700 kms from the capital Muscat.

Clearing & Forwarding

Customs Clearing

Our Clearing & Forwarding Division provides customs clearance services in all ports and border points in Oman. Armed with intricate knowledge and decades of experience we ensure swift movement of your cargo through all border points and provide delivery from/to your place of business using our fleet of trucks. Oman has a very strict licensing system for Customs Clearance. We have the requisite License to clear at all Ports and Customs Border points in Oman.

Land Transportation

We operate a fleet of Flatbed/Lowbed Trailers through our own/Associate Companies and can mobilize any type of Land Transportation/Heavy Lift at short notice.

Labor & Equipment

We have the reputed/dedicated sub-contractors to provide all kinds of Equipments such as Cranes and requisite skilled labour at all ports.



Our Association with reputed forwarders all over the world enable us to provide the best of Air Freight services at competitive prices.